Center of Excellence for Blockchain Technologies

Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay
Mumbai, India.

The Center of Excellence for Blockchain Technologies at IIT-Bombay is established in collaboration with Ripple.

The collaboration of IIT Bombay with Ripple provides us with novel opportunities enabling the testing and deployment of applications, and deliberation on future of finance. Broadly, it has the following synergy between ISRDC and Ripple:

  1. Create an excellent scientific, industrial, and innovative business climate in a very topical area of national and international significance.
  2. Attract students to do research in the frontier areas with practical applications.
  3. Cultivate an ecosystem of R&D in FinTech at IIT Bombay and provide a good attraction for industry and business houses to the Research Park at IIT Bombay.
  4. Enable concrete networking with the top institutions (like Stanford, MIT, et al), where other CoEs with Ripple's collaboration are established.
  5. Synergizing the on-campus expertise on blockchain technologies from the Departments of CSE, EE, and the SJM School of Management.

The center maintains a validator node on Ripple Network.
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