16th International Conference on Information Systems Security

December 16 - 19, 2020
Indian Institute of Technology Jammu, India

List of accepted papers

  1. Cheating Detectable Ramp Secret Sharing with Optimal Cheating Resiliency (paper ID 13)
    Jyotirmoy Pramanik, Sabyasachi Dutta, Partha Sarathi Roy and Avishek Adhikari
  2. Secure calculation for position information of IoT device with few communication and small secret information (paper ID 16)
    Hidema Tanaka and Kesiuke Fukushima
  3. Privacy-Preserving Friend Recommendation in an Integrated Social Environment (paper ID 19)
    Nitish Uplavikar, Jaideep Vaidya, Dan Lin and Wei Jiang
  4. LiARX: A lightweight cipher based on the LTS design strategy of ARX (paper ID 20)
    Saurabh Mishra and Debanjan Sadhya
  5. Revelio: A Lightweight Captcha Solver using a Dictionary based Approach (paper ID 30)
    Abhijeet Chougule, Harshal Tupsamudre and Sachin Lodha
  6. A Toolkit for Security Awareness Training against Targeted Phishing (paper ID 32)
    Simone Pirocca, Luca Allodi and Nicola Zannone
  7. Learning Attribute-Based and Relationship-Based Access Control Policies with Unknown Values (paper ID 35)
    Thang Bui and Scott Stoller
  8. Reliability and Security for Safety-Critical Service Compositions (paper ID 37)
    Kevin Theuermann
  9. Color Visual Cryptography Schemes Using Linear Algebraic Techniques over Rings (paper ID 39)
    Sabyasachi Dutta, Md Kutubuddin Sardar, Avishek Adhikari, Sushmita Ruj and Kouichi Sakurai
  10. A Unified Access Control Model for Calibration Traceability in Safety-Critical IoT (paper ID 45)
    Ryan Shah and Shishir Nagaraja
  11. Estimating the Cost of Cybersecurity Activities with CAsPeA (paper ID 46)
    Rafal Leszczyna and Adrian Litwin
  12. Attacks on Android-based Smartphones and Impact of Vendor Customization on Android OS Security (paper ID 9)
    Sudesh Kumar, Lakshmi Jayant Kittur and Alwyn Roshan Pais
  13. Detection of Malign and Benign PE Files Using Texture Analysis (paper ID 25)
    Vinita Verma, Sunil K. Muttoo and V. B. Singh
  14. Machine learning based Android vulnerability detection: A roadmap (paper ID 3)
    Shivi Garg and Niyati Baliyan
  15. Forensic Source Identification of OSN Compressed Images (paper ID 15)
    Sobhan Mondal, Mrinali Kumari, Deependra Pushkar and Ruchira Naskar
  16. An Overview of Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform and Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (paper ID 17)
    Abir Dutta and Shri Kant

Important dates (AoE)

Submission deadline: August 17

Notifications: October 05

Camera-ready: October 15


Steering Committee

Aditya Bagchi, ISI Kolkata
Venu Govindaraju, U Buffalo SUNY
Sushil Jajodia, GMU
Somesh Jha, U Wisconsin
Arun Majumdar, IIT Kharagpur
Chandan Mazumdar, Jadavpur U
Atul Prakash, U Michigan
AS Ramasastri, IDRBT Hyderabad
Pierangela Samarati, U Milan
RK Shyamasundar, IIT Bombay

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