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[   ]bw3-proceedings.pdf2019-02-04 02:41 7.8M 
[   ]paper-02 Addressing Blockchain Scaling by Chain Splitting.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 131K 
[   ]paper-08 IoT Based Blockchain Solution To Endorse Positive Human Behaviour.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 1.7M 
[   ]paper-09 A Decentralized, Distributed Approach for\^JUnsolicited Commercial Communication.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 7.4M 
[   ]paper-11 Enhancing Security and Privacy of Permissioned\^JBlockchain using Intel SGX.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 312K 
[   ]paper-15 Energy Banking through Smart Contracts, Crypto tokens and Blockchain Technology.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 483K 
[   ]paper-17 Bringing Transparency in Capital Markets using Enterprise DLT.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 635K 
[   ]paper-18 Secure and Decentralized Live Streaming using Blockchain and IPFS.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 452K 
[   ]paper-21 Human Milk Distribution - Blockchain Bolsters Transparency and Traceability.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 774K 
[   ]paper-22 Entangled Blockchains in Land Registry Management.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 229K 
[   ]paper-23 Know Your Customer - Decentralized Secure Sharing Protocol on Quorum.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 164K 
[   ]paper-25 Landcoin - A Land Management Protocol.pdf2019-01-28 11:03 1.0M