Center of Excellence for Blockchain Research

Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay
Mumbai, India.

Blockchain and the DLTs have revolutionized the trust management in e-transactions. A spectrum of applications; ranging from payment systems, governance, supply-chain workflows, business process orchestration/automation, et al., are being re-engineered using these technologies. However, their comprehension and potential impact are still in primitive stages although evolving rapidly. Technology providers are prototyping varieties of platforms to suit varying application scenarios. The fragmentation of solutions and lack of standardization makes it difficult for enterprises/organizations to evaluate and choose a suitable platform meeting their requirements. The CoE intends to assist enterprises giving an in-depth assessment of these technologies' applicability to the status quo in which they are traditionally operating; furthermore, helping them re-engineer their operations.

The broad objectives of the CoE include:

  1. gaining a deeper understanding of the concepts underlying these technologies;
  2. comprehending the design patterns of prevalent blockchain platforms and their suitability in different setups;
  3. exploring potential of these technologies in terms of improved automation, efficiency, transparency, security, privacy in the following sectors:
    • payment
    • healthcare
    • agriculture
    • smartcities, IoT, ...
  4. disseminating the expertise through courses, workshops, and industrial consultancy.


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